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When good things happen to fat people August 25, 2008

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SEE? I knew I could turn it all around. I was sitting at my desk brainstorming how I could get out of eating my shitty plain veggies & chicken breast lunch (having already spent $1.35 of the $2 I had in my wallet on M&Ms as a mid-morning snack) (by the way WHY OH WHY do I always give all my change to my son to add to his piggy bank? If it wasn’t for that I would have had AT LEAST enough for some afternoon-snack M&Ms as well) (he’s saving for a trip to Australia, by the way, in case you were wondering. No shit. He wants to go visit The Wiggles) (every time he drops a nickel in there he says, “There, NOW I have enough money for my trip to Australia” and generously extends the invitation for me to join him. And I curse having not helped him to come up with a more financially-attainable goal and launch into my explanation of how he’ll have to wait a good few… decades… before his loose change will get him to Australia) (my lands this is a lot of parentheses) so me. lunch. yuck. and then an email MAGICALLY makes its way into my inbox stating that there is “Thai food in the 5th floor kitchen up for grabs”. HELLO!? I’m now feasting on pad thai and mango salad and MSG-filled veggies. Hooray!

It has been a few days since I shaved my zone. Maybe my luck is starting to accumulate…


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