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(#%^$%&)(*&#@&()%&(#$& August 25, 2008

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BAH! I brought a croissant in to work to have for breakfast today and then I just burnt it in the toaster oven so you can imagine my bitter, bitter disappointment. It’s not like a croissant for breakfast is an every day thing, it’s supposed to be special and now THIS (well, except that for some reason that I have yet to figure out John bought a whole tray of them from Costco on the weekend so I have consumed about 17 croissant in the past few days because I didn’t want them to go STALE it was my DUTY… but STILL a burnt croissant is a tragedy and I don’t know how this day is ever going to recover).

That’s it. I shall bravely try to turn this day around and report back with some more positive news.


2 Responses to “(#%^$%&)(*&#@&()%&(#$&”

  1. adrienne Says:

    It must be one of those days…I spent 3 hours painting door frames (today is a holiday here) to find out that the paint we bought is not only the wrong one (gloss) but its not water based so we needed paint thinner to get it off of everything including my hands now I smell like paint thinner….and am trying to eat a bag of candy but the smell of paint thinner makes me almost not want to eat the candy…..although at least at the end of it my belly is full of candy and yours is empty so your day is worse…I’d send you candy to cheer you up but it probably would smell like paint thinner….

  2. kirstyliz Says:

    Oh no no no, I still ATE the croissant. Believe me. It was burnt but I ATE it. I’m a trooper. Just like you battling through the paint-thinner stink and eating the candy. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to consume the junk but we DO IT because we have MORALS and VALUES…

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