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I heart Google August 12, 2008

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I didn’t get as many interesting searches for my weird bikini-waxing post as I thought I would. But I would like to share with you a few of the searches that have led people to this site in the past week:

1) pregnant blonde in short pants

What kind of weird fetish do YOU have, psycho?! AND besides, find me a very pregnant woman who looks hot provocatively bent over in a pair of hot pants and I’ll show you a woman that I would personally judo-chop in the throat if I ever met her in person.

2) are ringolos filling

Yes… yes they are. And heed my warning: consuming ringolos while pregnant and in short pants may cause Fetal Ringolo Syndrome. Babies born with extra-round orifices and a life-threatening allergy to powdered barbeque-flavouring

3) Peed pants

This one’s my favourite because I picture some poor little Edwin at work sitting at his desk having peed his pants and his first instinct is to push his glasses further up on his nose and then CALL ON THE INTERNET FOR HEEEEEEELP! “I’ll just type in ‘peed pants’ and the Google Overlords will tell me exactly what to do and how to get myself out of this awkward situation and no one will ever have to know…” Aw. Poor thing. My advice is to pour coffee directly on your crotch and then go around bemoaning the fact that you spilled coffee on your pants. Hopefully the coffee smell will overcome the pee smell. Good luck to you.

I’m sleepy. I may go take a nap in the nap room. C ya.


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