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Yowza March 19, 2008

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Wow, I really need to get a job or a hobby or something. I haven’t posted for a while becuase I HAVE NOTHING TO SAY! Everyday I think, hmm, what can I blog about today? And then I hear a faint buzzing and some birds chirping and then I nod off momentarily and by the time I’ve come-to Julian’s demanding a snack or it’s time to go to playgroup. I had a job interview a week or two ago and I was on fire, I was hitting all of their questions out of the park, I was charming, a veritable hoot, like, thinking to myself, “I’m soooo getting this job”. Then they asked, “tell me something interesting about yourself that we wouldn’t get from your resume.” and I just sat there. A few things flashed through my head, like, “well, I don’t always bathe on a very regular basis… I’ve had the occasional sexual fantasy involving Joe from Blues Clues… I don’t have a single bra that fits me properly…” and somehow non of these seemed appropriate so I stammered something about how I used to enjoy reading and exercising or something lame and slinked out of there. Yowza.


Huh… that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say March 6, 2008

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Warning: This is one of those posts that you non-parents out there may want to skip (see? even through the parenting brain-haze I can recognize a yawn when I see one).

We’re in the throes of potty training and are at a stage where if I say, “do you have to go pee?” Julian responds with either a very stern “NO!” (leave me the eff alone, woman, can’t you see Dora and I are having a ‘moment’?) or he ignores me and doesn’t say anything, which mean “yes” and I then sit him on the potty and he goes immediately – if it’s brought to his attention he seems to know it’s coming but if I don’t constantly hassle him he pees all over his Duplos and I’m already getting sick of cleaning urine off of every surface in our house (and, internet, you all are invited to come over and hang out here & watch reality tv with me but preemptively, before you ask, yes the surface you’re sitting on is one of the aforementioned) I’m not sure where we go from here potty-wise. Any advice is welcome.

Anyway, that wasn’t even the point of my blog today (and I’m truly sorry – I actually bored myself with that story) my point is that big-boy underwear seems to provide my son with a lot more freedom in the nether regions than a diaper. There’s a lot more ‘gaping’ particularly in the leg-hole area that allows for a free-flow of air and other matter of varying description. Soooo, we were playing play-dohs yesterday morning and I was busy ignoring my son and constructing my own play-doh project when I realized that things were very silent. I looked over to see that Jules was rapidly and with great fervor stuffing all available underwear gapes with play-doh and let me tell you those underwear look impossibly teeny-tiny but whoooo they can streeeeetch! (in his defense, it was a new batch and so very soft and squishy and probably felt really nice) (no, jack-asses I did not try it) (mmm ya… so maybe I did think about it… but seriously only for, like, a second).

“Uh, Julian, please don’t stuff play-doh in your big-boy underwear”.

Julian Big-Boy Pants

“check me out, ya’ll, I’m rockin these big boy underwear” (note: this pic features big-boy underwear sans play-doh)